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Profile of the School

Introduction to School of Mathematical Sciences

1). General information

The school of mathematical sciences was founded in 1954, and now there are four undergraduate programs, two first-level discipline masters programs and nine second-level discipline masters programs in the school. It has a characteristic major of the first batch in the Education Department, and a key discipline of Chongqing “10th Five-Year Plan”, “11th Five-Year Plan” and “12th Five-Year Plan”. It also hosts a key lab of the Education Department, a key lab of the Chongqing Municipality, a key lab of the Chongqing Universities, a key liberal arts and social science base of the Chongqing municipality, Innovation base for graduate students in Chongqing municipality, an innovative experimental zone for talents cultivation model in Chongqing municipality, a pilot base for Comprehensive reform of majors in Chongqing municipality, an out-of-school practice base of science. There are two Chongqing Innovative Teams, two Chongqing Teaching Teams, two Chongqing Characteristic Majors, and two Chongqing Characteristic Discipline Groups in the school. Moreover, the school hosts one Chongqing Academician Work Station, Chongqing Expert Work Office, Chongqing Recruiting Overseas Talents Base. The school now has the 1+2+1 double-degree joint program for statistics students with the Northern Arizona University in the USA, the 2+2 double-degree joint program as well as the 2.5+2.5 double-degree and Australian Master degree joint program for mathematics and applied mathematics students with the Curtin University and the Federation University in Australia, and the 1+2 joint Australian PhD program with Federation University Australia.                                

2) The Staff Member Profile

There are 86 staff members in the school, including 28 professors, 32 associate professors and 53 academic staff members with PhD degrees.    

3) Distinguished Staff Members

Among the staff members of the School, one expert was admitted into the New Century Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Project at the national level, one was entitled as the National Level Middle to Young Age Experts with Outstanding Contributions, one was the winner of the National Award for Youth in Science and Technology, one was the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation Scholar, two were entitled as the New Century Talents of the Ministry of Education, four were entitled as the Bayu Scholar professors, one was entitled as Chongqing  Middle to Young Age Experts with Outstanding Contributions, one was entitled as a member of the Chongqing First Batch of One Hundred Leading Academic and Discipline Talents, one was entitled as a member of the Chongqing One Hundred Outstanding Leading Talents, five were entitled as Provincial-Ministerial Academic/Technological Leader, four were the recipients of the State Council Government Special Allowance. Moreover, the staff members of the school had severed as the former Vice-President of the Chinese Mathematical Society, former Vice-President of the Operations Research Society of China, and now are serving as the Vice-President of the System Engineering Society of China, the Vice-President of the China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, the President of the Operations Research Society of Chongqing, the Vice-President of the Chongqing Mathematical Society. Moreover, there is one winner of the First Level Awards of the National Young Teacher Competition of Lecturing, one entitled as the Seventh National Tertiary Institutions Student Advisor of the Year, one entitled as the Gold Medal Student Adviser of Chongqing Normal University, one entitled as the Gold Medal Teacher of Chongqing Normal University among the staff members in the school.    

4) Student Cultivation

In the past sixty years, the School of Mathematical Sciences has cultivated more than ten thousands bachelor-program and diploma-program graduates, more than eight thousands teaching by correspondence students, more than six thousands bachelor-program and diploma-program by   self-taught and examination students, more than one thousand Master students. It has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents in various fields, like Zhiming Ma, who is an Academician and the formerPresident of the Chinese Mathematical Society.  

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